12 Best Dog Breeds for Full Time Workers

August 23, 2019

Unless you’re lucky enough to be able to stop at home all day or work remotely, you’re going to have to leave your furry little pal alone for several hours at a time. This can be quite a daunting thought as the last thing you want is to come home to a trashed house after a long day at work.

For this reason, you’re going to need to choose a dog breed that is pretty low maintenance. You’ll also need to choose one that doesn’t mind entertaining themselves throughout the day. 

Some breeds are more suited to being left alone for long periods at a time, whereas others will get restless and bored, meaning you’re more likely to be welcomed home by cushion stuffing all over the house. 

No dog should be left alone for more than 6 hours. So, even though there are breeds that are more suited, they’ll still need you to pop home on your lunch or arrange for somebody to call by to check on them.

Puppies require a lot more attention and care than an older dog does. They shouldn’t be left for longer than 4 hours maximum. Also, the different behavioural traits breed to breed make a difference.

If you’re on the cusp of buying a new pooch but you want to be sure they’ll be alright whilst you’re at work, this blog will discuss the 12 best dog breeds for full-time workers.



These small dogs are great little nappers – which is perfect for while you’re at work all day. They can’t trash the house while they’re snoozing away in their beds. 

Chihuahuas are one of the smallest dogs living. They’re usually about 5 or 8 inches tall and they only weigh about 3 or 6 pounds. Their tiny stature makes them perfect for smaller houses and apartments, as they won’t take up much room.




If you choose a chihuahua, you’ll be picking a loyal pal for the foreseeable future. They usually live to about 18 years old, which guarantees plenty of memory-filled years with your new doggo. 

These little pooches are perfectly fine entertaining themselves during the day, just as long as you’re prepared for lots of cuddles when you return home in the evening. 

They’re more comfortable and less aggressive in pairs, so why not welcome two little buddies to your family? However, this is quite a commitment. Don’t commit to two dogs if you can’t put the time in with them. 


Basset Hound

Now if we’re talking about champion nappers, Basset Hound’s will happily put any dog to shame. They wake up from napping needing another one, which makes them a great breed choice for full-time workers.

Just look at those ears and those stubby legs. You’ll be the one that’s pining to get home to see your lazy little mate, you needn’t worry about the dog. 




Basset Hounds are particularly lazy dogs, even though they’re originally bred for hunting small game. They’re well known for not wanting to do anything but sleep and laze about, so don’t be alarmed if that’s all they want to do even when you’re not in the office. 

They get calmer as they grow older, but due to their low activity, they’re prone to obesity-related issues. So, walk them at least once a day when you can fit them into your busy schedule.



Don’t worry, these speedsters aren’t going to be sprinting around your home waiting for your return. Although they are rapid, when they’re not racing around, they’re napping and chilling out.

These doggos are well renowned for being little couch potatoes. You can bet that wherever they are laid before you go to work, there’s a pretty good chance that they’ll still be in the exact same position for when you get home. 

However, don’t be fooled, once you take them out for a walk you’ll have a job on your hands trying to contain them. These racers will put any dog in the park to shame with how fast they are and there’s nothing they love more than a good workout. 





Sometimes seen as the “poor man’s greyhound” whippets do share some of the same characteristics to the racing dog. One shared trait that you’ll particularly love is the fact that they enjoy time to themselves and won’t mind chilling out waiting for you to come home. 

Whippets are intelligent and they’re great with new people. They’re also brilliant around kids, so if you have a little family (or plan on having one) you needn’t worry about your little pal getting along with children. 

They grow to around a foot and a half, so they’re suitable for smaller homes and even apartments. In truth, they’re not really bothered where they live, as long as they get the exercise that they need they’re more than happy. 





These tiny fluff balls are perfect for the smaller home. Although they have a long coat, they don’t shed it at all and are a great option for allergy sufferers. Plus, your home is kept nice and tidy without trails of dog hair throughout. 

Your Maltese pooch won’t leave your side while you’re in the house. They’re companion dogs and there’s nothing they love more than a big old cuddle.

But prepare for the welcome home of a lifetime – every day! They really are your little best friend and they’re not afraid of showing you either. 




French Bulldog 

French bulldogs are one of the best dog breeds for full time workers. And how cute are those little bat ears? We know right. 

Frenchies are a companion dog who’ll slot into your family and home perfectly. Due to their medium size, they’re perfect for smaller homes and apartments too. 




They’re more than happy to snooze away the time you’re at work and they’re ace at relaxing when you’re at home too. They don’t demand attention so they’re more than happy to please themselves while you’re out putting treats on the table. 

A couple of walks a day is enough to keep a Frenchie active and healthy – one in the morning before work and one in the evening too on your return is ideal. 


Shar Pei

When you come home from a long day at work all you’ll want to do is play with your doggo. Your Shar Pei will be more than up for this. And it gets better, you won’t be greeted by your favourite shoes being used for a chew toy. 

Shar Peis can survive long periods on their own and are more than capable of being independent throughout the day. However, intensive training is required to get them to this stage. 

However, they’re not a dog for everyone – Shar Peis need to be told who the boss is, otherwise they’ll walk all over you. But once you have they’ll be the most loyal pal you could ever imagine. 





Not only are they fine being left on their own for long periods of time, but Bullmastiffs are the perfect guard dog for your home. Their muscular and brute-like appearance is enough to ward off any intruder but they’re really big softies deep down. 

These gentle giants don’t require a lot of exercise and are quite happy to laze around in their typical mellow manner. They’re affectionate and great with kids too, which means they’re a great fit for any loving family. 




Boston Terrier

These dogs were originally bred for fighting. But in reality, that couldn’t be further from their true personalities. These fun-loving dogs are incredibly active but have such a calm temperament when being left alone during the day. 

They love their families incredibly, so be prepared for playtime as soon as you come home. They’re intelligent, affectionate and a great addition to any home. 

The hardest bit of owning a Boston Terrier may turn out to be leaving for work in the morning when those big puppy-dog eyes are being fluttered at you. 





Is it possible to look at a dachshund and it not bring a big smile to your face? We think not. Well, imagine coming home from work to that every day. 

Sausage dogs are full of energy and love to have fun with their owners. However, due to their small stature, they don’t need much exercise and can tire quickly. So, they don’t mind recharging their batteries during the day waiting for you to come home for the next playtime. 

They’re tiny so they’re perfect for apartment living and smaller homes. 

Plus, when it’s cold outside you’re advised to put your little pal in a sweater. How cute is that? 




Norfolk Terrier

These dogs are said to be a big dog in a small package. And good things come in small packages, right?

They’re amazing for families and don’t mind being left while you’re putting the hours in at the office. As long as they’ve got plenty of toys and a comfy space to chill out on they’re happy as Larry. 

They’re a terrier so naturally, they have a lot of energy. And you’ll be on the receiving end of this when you get home from work.




Chow Chow

They aren’t dogs that you come across every day, but you’ll always remember them once you have.

Chow Chows are like big cuddly teddy bears. However, they’re known to be pretty independent and aloof the majority of the time. They’re incredibly loyal to their families but they need to be well-socialised from a young age. 

They don’t need loads of exercise, which makes smaller homes no problem for these pooches. A walk once a day is enough for a Chow Chow. 




Important Notice

As we mentioned at the start of this post, under no circumstances should your dog be left for over 6 hours on their own. They’ll become bored and restless, meaning that they could start to turn the house upside down and that’s the last thing you’ll want to be greeted with after a long day. 

Plus, you don’t want your poor little pal to be holding in the need for the toilet all day. We all know how uncomfortable that can be, don’t we? It can also lead to health problems for your dog. 

So, either pop home on your lunch hour or organise with a family member to call and check on them. Failing that, you’ll need to hire a dog walker who can take your pooch out during the day.


Kick Back and Relax With Your Most Loyal Best Friend

Don’t let the fact that you work full time put you off owning a dog. Despite what some people say, it’s definitely possible to work full time and have a healthy, happy doggo

Welcoming a dog into your family is one of the most rewarding and loving experiences you can have. They’ll be by your side no matter what and that’s something that’s irreplaceable. 

You work hard all week, so you deserve to come home to a small bundle of affectionate joy. Choose one of the aforementioned breeds and you certainly won’t regret getting a dog when you’re working full time. 

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