Reet Good Breeders Club

We like to see all pups grow up to be strong and healthy, eating only the very best, so why not sign up for our Breeders Club?

Here at Reet Good we value the health and wellbeing of your dogs above anything. We offer a breeders club discount across our range for those breeders wanting to give their litters the best start in life. We look forward to the current and future collaborations with quality breeders.

We advise that all potential breeders request a sample of the Reet Good Range to determine whether it is suitable for your Dog. Please email to request samples or click here.


All members will receive;

  • A minimum of one 12kg bag of Reet Good Puppy to feed the lactating bitch and for weaning the puppies. Additional bags may be given dependent on the breed of the bitch. Free of charge.
  • A 10% Discount across the whole Reet Good Range
  • A weaning pack, consisting of a 2kg bag of Puppy food and Grain Free Treats to be given to the new owner with the puppy. Free of charge.


Register your details here to begin the application process and we will get in touch with further details

    More Info

    In order to become a member of the Reet Good Breeders club you MUST:

    • Be an active member with a Kennel Affix, KC registration or KC registered Club. A copy of this documentation is required as proof of your breeding history
    • With the introduction of the legislation on October 1st 2018, all breeders in England selling puppies for commercial gain, or breeding 3 or more litters per year, must be licenced under the Animal Activities Licencing Regulations 2018. We will require proof of this licence.
    • You own 1 breeding bitch or an entire male which are registered with KC affix or KC assured breeder documentation.
    • The Reet Good breeder club is available in Mainland United Kingdom and Northern Ireland.
    • You may not be in any other Breeding Scheme whilst in the Reet Good Breeders Club.
    • A consistent amount of food (dependent on the breed of dog) must be bought regularly (subject to Breed and feeding guidelines e.g. a bag of Reet good should be feeding a Medium sized dog for around a month) in order to maintain you Breeders club status.

    If your application is successful you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions;

    • All dogs in the household must be fed on Reet Good as their foremost food. Therefore sufficient amounts of Reet Good must be bought for the whole household. Reet Good is not to be sold to a third party and is exclusively for the breeders personal use at their registered address.
    • Inactivity or inconsistent purchases over a 6 month period will result in a cancellation of your Breeders Club membership.
    • In order to maintain your status a litter must be produced and registered in the first 12 months of membership.
    • All litters must be weaned on Reet Good Dog Food.
    • Notification of new litters must be provided within the first 3 weeks of birth. We can request notification at any time of new litters.
    • Reet good will not provide any discounts or weaning pack for any existing litters prior to membership approval
    • Breeders must give the weaning packs to the new puppy’s owner free of charge.
    • Any social media affiliated with the breeder must contain a link to the Reet Good Website or social handle.

    Reet Good reserve the right to alter the breeders club terms and conditions without prior notice. Reet Good reserve the right to terminate membership at any time without prior notice at our discretion

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