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See below for answers to some common questions but feel free to get in touch for anything more specific

Yes! Reet Good is such a high quality complete food, it meets the needs of any breed/size.

Reet good is GRAIN FREE, contains 50% meat, no fillers and with detailed feeding guidelines for every size of dog, Reet Good is the easy choice for any breed.

Although Reet Good was formulated for the working dog market. Exhaustive trails have shown that Reet Good is an excellent food for all types and Breeds of Pet dogs, with it’s combination of high meat content and non-allergenic carbohydrates/ fresh fruit and veg.

The feeding guidelines on each bag of Reet Good, helps you feed the right amount for the size of your dog. Here at Reet Good, our working dogs are part of the family, and we’d only feed the best.

Yes, Reet good is excellent for all ages. Follow the feeding guidelines for the optimum energy for your furry friend.

Yes, there is no problem with Feeding Reet Good to overweight dogs. As each bag contains 50% meat protein, it can be digested and utilized more effectively, which means less fat and carbohydrates which are harder for dogs to process. We advise always sticking to the guidelines, cutting out any additional treats and adding slightly less to see a loss in weight.

We currently have 7 Adult flavors and our puppy Variety. We are always trying to innovate and come up with new flavors and ingredients, so watch this space for any additions to the Reet Good Range.

Most dogs that have changed to Reet Good due to bowel problem. have seen a positive change. As it is a NO GRAIN formula, most dogs with a gluten intolerance, see a dramatic change.

We also found that some dogs have an allergic reaction to some meat proteins. With seven varieties to choose from all with single meat protein sources, there’s a Reet Good flavor for every Dog!

We have found that itchy skin and paw biting is usually due to a gluten intolerance. Gluten is found in Grains such as Wheat and Barley (these are used in cheaper dog foods as fillers). Reet Good contains NO GRAIN, this means skin problems should be a thing of the past.

As a rule, we advise taking up to two weeks to change onto Reet Good. Gradually introduce Reet Good into their meals for example, 20% Reet Good to 80% original food, increasing the ratio throughout the two weeks until your dog is on Reet Good.

Yes! If you dog has issues with its teeth or digestion adding some water will soften the biscuits, making it delicious for dogs with dentures!

All our ingredients are human grade and can be traced back to the farm. Each bag of Reet Good Dog Food has a batch number, which can be used to trace every ingredient back to the source.

Yes, and even more. Our brown bags are compostable, that means if you remove the front and back stickers you can throw it in your compost heap!

Yes, we do, we offer a multipack which contains one of each flavor or mix and match up to 7 sample bags. These sample packs cost just £5.00 and can be ordered HERE

That depends on the size and breed of your dog, for an average dog (10kg-20kg) would last over a month but worry not all our Bags have a 12-month shelf life once opened.

We are currently sourcing independent stockists for Reet Good. For all our stockists take a look at our Contact page.

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