It Started Over
a Cup of Tea...

Nestled between the Victorian powerhouses of Accrington and Burnley lies the quaint and stunning town of Hapton. On the site of the old Hapton colliery, perched above this sleepy town you’ll find Hapton Animal Feeds – Home of Reet Good Dog Food.

For over 20 years we’ve served the residents of Hapton and it’s surrounding area. Spanning three generations and over 70 years of experience, we have seen most dietary problems that can afflict a dog.

In recent years we have seen a steady
increase in dogs suffering from:

  • Itchy Skin
  • Lack of Energy
  • Loose/Irregular Stools
  • Stomach upset & Diarrhoea

We saw this was on the rise and decided
that we could come up with a food that:

  • Helps with these problems
  • Tastes great for the Dog
  • Traceable & High Quality
  • Affordable

So We Put the Kettle on, Grabbed the Biscuit Tin and Put Our Heads Together

We found that most of these problems come from Gluten (found in cereals and grains). Back in the day most dog foods contained cereals to bulk up the feed to save on more expensive ingredients such as meat. Cereals were also used (and are still used) as the carbohydrate source.

We found that 95% of the dietary ailments could be fixed by removing Gluten from their diet. So we did exactly that, Reet Good Dog Food is completely Grain Free. That meant we needed to find a carbohydrate that is gluten free. We decided on Sweet Potato.

Sweet Potato is an amazing source of Carbohydrate, antioxidants and is not usually fed to dogs (well not in Lancashire). That means it’s highly unlikely that a dog would have an allergic reaction to it.

After such inspiration, only one thing was called for, boiling that kettle again.

After a celebratory cuppa, we got working on the next problem, fussy eaters…

We knew that dogs are omnivorous (hence why I only have one slipper). Although they can eat a varied diet, dogs digest meat protein more effectively than anything else.

That’s why Reet Good contains 50% meat, 26% of which is gently steamed.

Firstly this makes it more appetising to your dog. Secondly, gently steaming locks in nutrients that are usually lost during the cooking process. It also means that your dog is absorbing more, so there is less waste.

So with carbohydrates and protein under the proverbial belt we looked at fresh Fruit, Vegetables and Herbs to compliment the meat whilst also giving your dog the essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals. These are all Gently Steamed to lock in the freshness.

After several more biscuits and countless pots of tea we came to an agreement, and this is the result...

Grain Free so they can grow up Care Free.

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